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Tooth Scaling

Cleaning Stubborn Plaque Off Of Teeth

Tooth Scaling Procedure

This is a necessity, even if patients will eventually need surgical therapy. It is absolutely necessary to remove the bacterial deposits (calculus or tartar) so that the irritation to your gums and bone loss does not persist.

Tartar is plaque that has had time to harden and is a white (sometimes yellow) substance found at the base of the tooth just above the gumline. Tartar is usually not removed with standard brushing and flossing and usually requires coming in to see us for proper and thorough removal.

Tooth scaling is a service that involves using a tool that is specifically designed to break-apart and remove tartar. We gently run the tooth scaling tool along the front and back surfaces of teeth that have any signs of tartar which effectively cleans the gumline and smooths the tooth enamel. Every time you come in for a dental checkup, tooth scaling is performed to help prevent future dental problems such as cavities and gum disease.

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