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  • Dr. Arora and his wonderful staff made the time to see me for an emergency visit the day before Thanksgiving. I was welcomed as an old friend, even though I'd never been there before. Amazingly, the tooth extraction was completely painless, and I was given thorough information on how to care for the site and control the eventual pain. I highly recommend this professional group.
    Elle G.
  • Dr. Arora may have cured me of being a dental coward! I was so afraid that I put off fixing a molar that broke had broken off at the gum line for six years!! I finally decided to deal with the issue ad Dr. Arora had the roots out while I thought he was prodding around looking for his options. No cutting my gums. No pain even the next day. I highly recommend Dr. Arora for your periodontal needs.
    Patricia S.
  • Grass Valley Periodontics is truly the best! I have had several procedures and cleanings at Grass Valley Periodontics. Dr. Arora is highly skilled, so personable, gentle, and he thoroughly explains the entire procedure and follow up. He has an amazing, supportive, skilled staff. Their friendliness and humor make the experience in their office so pleasant. I always feel in the best of care. I highly recommend Dr. Aurora for all periodontal needs!
    Alice G.
  • My procedure was more extensive than most, 4 extractions, cleaning out a massive infection, bone graphs and dental implants. I also am extremely sensitive to tooth pain. Dr. Arora and his staff made sure I was completely comfortable and pain free throughout the entire process. Dr. Arora himself called me the day after surgery (on a weekend) to make sure I was doing ok. The staff is very knowledgeable and personable as well and treat you like family. I can only give the absolute highest recommendations to Grass Valley Periodontics!! Thank you!
    Nate M.
  • Dr. Arora is a 'maestro' with teeth, implants and emergency fixes. His staff is attentive, courteous and fun. They provided me with new teeth after a 'trip and fall' at my office and now that they are in place, I feel like a new man. I highly recommend Dr. Arora as extremely knowledgeable, friendly and able and willing to explain, clearly, the procedures his patients will be undergoing, why and how and what difficulties they might face and available alternative choices for procedures. I recommend him without reservation as being 'the man for the job'.
    Steve N.


We are committed to being at the cutting edge. As an evidence-based periodontal office, we can provide with the most current and least invasive procedures for all of their periodontal treatments. Dr. Arora is dedicated to ongoing education, evaluation and training of advanced surgical methods and technologies to help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile, with minimal healing time.

We invest in the highest quality equipment available to provide patients with the most efficient evidence-based procedures while providing a safe and comfortable environment.

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VATECH GREEN CBCT: 3-Dimensional Cone Beam CT Scan 

New advances in digital technology have made the quality of dental implant treatment even better!  We use high definition CBCT scans done is LESS THAN  6 sec that allow us to measure bone density and place implants in a very accurate manner. The ability to plan out where the implants need to be placed prior to the surgical procedure allows the patient to spend less time in the chair and makes for a more pleasurable experience.


For our dental implant patients, Computer Guided Surgery is a new innovation that improves patient care, plain and simple. Computer Guided Surgery allows for exact planning before the patient ever starts the procedure. This technology help us to do Full arch reconstruction that is Implant Placement and Immediate temporization  with the purpose of providing the patient with highest level of dental care possible. These cases consist of 4-6 implants per jaw, Once the placement is determined, the Surgical Guide and immediate prosthetics are fabricated. This  technique allows us to perfectly replicated the procedure in the mouth, eliminating any source of error.


Piezosurgery (Piezoelectric Bone Surgery) is a process that utilizes piezoelectric vibrations in the application of cutting bone tissue. It is indicated for use in oral, maxillofacial, cranial and spinal procedures.

The most notable advantage of this cutting edge technology is  that  it is possible to cut hard tissue while leaving soft tissue untouched by the process. This technique and advancement helps us to do everyday surgical extractions to maxillary sinus elevation surgery and  allows for complication-free results every time.


The Micron P305 Dental 3D Printer is an entirely new technology in 3D printing, offering both the largest build area and the most accurate printing available in a dentistry today. The P305 3D printer takes out dentistry and patient care to whole new level as it employs a new masked LCD light engine technology that makes 3D printing accurate, fast, efficient and FUN


Intra oral scanning is last in the state of the art digital technique that enables us a faster and more precise digital workflow solution. This new addition helps to make impression taking easier for our patients and completely eliminates the use of older GU like impression material. At the same time being more precise and efficient. No more gagging and discomfort while taking impressions.


Platelet-rich fibrin PRF is platelet concentrate which enhances both soft and hard tissue healing. PRF is a powerful healing biomaterial with inherent regenerative capacity and can be used in various surgical procedures. The main advantage is that PRF preparation utilizes the patient’s own blood reducing or eliminating disease transmission through blood.

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I am a periodontist committed to providing the highest quality of care with compassion and understanding for every patient that we see in our office. I take pride in educating my patients and thoroughly discussing all clinical findings and treatment options available.

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